Staff Members

The year 3 Blue class have worked on interviews and writing biographies of staff members. Please feel free to click on the hyperlinked names for information on the teacher. Check back regularly for updated biographies. 

Leadership Team

Principal - Miranda Swann 

Assistant Principal - Sue Arthur       Assistant Principal - Vanessa Dicker 

Specialist Teachers 
Kate Capone Art
Jason de Rosario Physical Education
Vanessa Dicker ICT
Tahlia Gibson Science
Geraldine Williams Music
Education Assistants 

Anafay Brncic

Erin Clayden

Janine Crawford

Renae Dijkman

Catherine Jackson

Elaine Pimlott

Carolyn Buckley

Noaleen Coles

Wendy Edwards

Jennifer Perren

Debbie Shelley


Non Teaching Staff
Nat Van Den Dolder
Renae Croft
Robyn Dixon
Marion Langdon
Denise Teasdale
Jon Wood